Third Story - Now available in iTunes!

The original, the classic. "Strokes of psychedelics cut in a downbeat haze like a clashing of DJ Shadow and Boards Of Canada in Mr. Rogers Neighborhood. The surprise record of the week" -CMJ


Pieces From the Puzzle

"a casual, confident slice of downtempo from a musician that is intent upon opening up and exploring a new, less hectic space within hip-hop." -Metro.Pop Magazine

Amateur Boyfriend

Amateur Boyfriend

"...you gotta hear Amateur Boyfriend...bits of the Raspberries, Supertramp, ELO, J. Geils, the Nuge, and a hundred other classic-rock bands incorporated into one delightfully listenable record." -The Stranger


Colossal - CD IN STOCK NOW!

Why make one when you can make two at twice the price? Take returns this fall with a double album featuring five new tracks as well as remixes from the likes of Caural, Rednosedistrikt, MR. Supreme & many more!



"Polecat was a thunderstorm, Seaweed was a flurry of punk rock, and Leuko impressively marries the best of what both projects had to offer. - Megan Seling, The Stranger

Go Like Hell

Hell Bent Rock & Roll

6 beers, 7 stitches and five hours in the emergency room... and I still love this fucking band! Hell Bent Rock & Roll just arrived back from Mr. Collins, it sounds fan-fucking-tastic! Look for it this fall, or Ambyr will cut you...


Run Baby Run - Now available in iTunes!

Dyed-in-the-wool punk rockers are finding a whole lot of Seattle bands to like lately. Among them is RC5, which takes it's acronym from singer (and now guitarist) Robb Clarke, formerly of Zipgun.

Free Verse

Generator - CD IN STOCK NOW!

"This dynamic powerhouse from Seattle combines political issues and punk rock/hardcore music into a fist of energy... A unique level of intense passion and creativity..." - Rockrgrl Magazine


If I Can't Talk to You, Then I Can't Talk to Anybody - CD IN STOCK NOW!

the album hints at the rock and roll songwriting of Springsteen and Petty, the exploration of Wilco, the mournfulness of Gillian Welch, and finds its sound centered around songs of hope and small things.



They have been called 'metal', 'punk', 'sludge', 'heavy', and 'dicks'- while all of these are partially true, no one term (or string of terms, for that matter)can truly describe the Mico de Noche experience. Buy a disc, come to a show, feel the dark warmth.

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