Take : Pieces from the Puzzle EP

Take returns with his second Buttermilk release, Pieces From The Puzzle. Lush sonic layers and smooth musical textures mirror Take's previous release Third Story. Although Pieces from the Puzzle progresses farther then before merging unique styles of downtempo and hip-hop. What can you expect this time? Nasty-ass Rhodes, lowdown sax and a whole new sonic landscape to explore.

Side A

Put the needle to the record and start the party with Frustrated, play with caution. This joint contains a bass track that keeps moving as well as Take's signature vibes and sparkling piano. A cracking snare, strings and crazy vocal lines that create havoc in any situation.

Next we have, well.... a remix of Next by Take! First unveiled on Third Story, Next transforms the boundaries of instrumental hip-hop while retaining the essence of the original mix. Vibes and sax weave your subconcious in and out of reminiscent daydreams, Saturday afternoons on the beach Sunday evenings on the couch. Either way, it's dope.

Side B

Flip the record and waah la... As I See It kicks the tempo up a notch. A sinister piano and crazy Rhodes lines are bound to turn the ladies' heads. The sheer width of this track is enough to discuss, not to mention the cuts, breaks, delays and subtle headphone treats. As I See It will make you dig a little deeper.

What does L.A.T. stand for? Well, this time it stands for bigger kick, snare that snaps and big fat bass. This track is definitely a highlight of Third Story and here it is again, a mix tailored for the club scene & dance floor. L.A.T. has enough low end to get the party started.


Pieces from the puzzle

Produced by Take
Mixed by Take & Colin Davis

Mastered by Gene Grimaldi

Release date: 1/13/2004

Preview these Tracks:


Next (The Remix)

As I See it

L.A.T (12" Mix)

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Third Story

Produced by Take
Mixed by Take & Colin Davis

Mastered by Gene Grimaldi

Released  7/1/03

Distributed by GooveDis.com

& TRCDistribution.com

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