Mico de Noche

"How the hell do two people make so much noise?!?!" Simply put, we try harder and, at MdN Industries, quality is job 1. Formed in early 2001, Mico de Noche has made a point of doing more with guitar and drums than most people do with their entire, pathetic lives. The bands heavy handed, yet tuneful approach and their energetic live show have won them fans throughout the states and as far abroad as Sweden and Italy. They have been called 'metal', 'punk', 'sludge', 'heavy', and 'dicks'- while all of these are partially true, no one term (or string of terms, for that matter) can truly describe the Mico de Noche experience. Buy a disc, come to a show, feel the dark warmth of the band's sexy magick take over your body. Get diddled.

Mico de Noche

Balls Deep

BMR 14

Produced by Jason Morales

Mixed by Bryan Nelson and Jason Morales

Mastered by Jack Endino

Release date:  TBA




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